Automating Your Home with Smart Scenes

Easier Automation with Smart Scenes

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic button that did all your home management tasks at the same time? If you have the Scenes feature on your smart home security app, you do. In fact, Scenes gives you more than one button: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Each of these buttons is constructed for those times of day where you need to have your system do multiple things at the same time. What times of day? Here are the four that already have buttons built into the Scenes feature.

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When a Burglar Smashes Your Security Panel

If a burglar breaks into your house and smashes your security panel to disable it, can your system still do its job? If you have made the choice to include crash and smash protection as an enhancement to your service, then the answer is yes. Let’s look at how burglars view crash and smash break-ins, and how an added layer of protection can suppress crash and smash attempts.

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