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Archive for December 2016

Looking for Greater Control of Your Life in 2017? Look No Further.

It is that time again—time to take stock of our lives and choose a few places where we can make an effort to improve. What should it be this year—weight loss, better organization, or improved productivity? It is a daunting process and for most of us, the resolutions never last long, try as we might.…

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Safety Tips for Living Alone

No matter what the parents say, living alone is possible and it even has some real perks. It offers the space and freedom to live life on your own terms, whether you want to work crazy hours or just want the television remote all to yourself. But living alone has some safety risks and considering…

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Home Automation: 007 Has Nothing on You

You have every gadget known to man. You are the first to integrate new technologies, the first to see their potential, and the first to leverage them in fantastic new ways. You’re smart, fast, and awesome and expect your technology to be the same. So what if Bond has the Aston Martin and detonating devices,…

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Smart Home Parenting with Home Security Alerts

Every so often you just get that feeling that tells you everything is not as it should be. It may be far too quiet, too noisy, or just somehow out of place. Life today provides plenty of distractions, detours and trouble for kids to get into, so there is bound to be some bumps in…

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How to Ruin Your Teen’s House Party in 6 Steps

School may be out for the holidays, but you are still hard at work. This is prime time for teens to cook up a little trouble in the form of an unauthorized house party while you are away. Before home automation technologies, the best that parents could do was get heads-up from an alert neighbor,…

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Home Automation & the Ultimate Man Cave

Every guy wants a space totally dedicated to relaxation—a retreat away from all the pressures of the day. And of course, every guy wants that space to be amazing. So, if you are planning the ultimate man cave, let us help you out with a few tips. Pick the Perfect Space Choose a space that…

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Video Monitoring: No More FOMO

FOMO- Fear of Missing Out for the parent is as inevitable as teething is for the baby or after school mayhem for middle-schoolers. As a busy parent, it is impossible to be everywhere at once. As much as we wish we could be with our children for every special moment, missing some of those daily…

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