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Archive for August 2018

Home Automation and the 5 Stages of Parenting

It is so important to have all the right tools in place to help navigate the unique challenges that come with the various stages of raising children—and one of the most effective tools is home automation.

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Gear Up for School. Our Best Internet Safety Rules

For some, the school year has already begun and for others that first day is soon to come. The internet is immensely useful, but it is also dangerous. While your kids are online, hackers are working to steal personal information. There are also those looking to victimize children lurking in game rooms and all over social media. And every day children experience online bullying.

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Have You Reviewed Your Home Safety Checklist?

Each year, many Americans are displaced due to fire, injured because of unsafe environments and hundreds are at risk. By implementing the right safety protocols in your home, you can protect yourself, your loved ones and even your visitors.

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