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Archive for July 2016

Home Security Tips Every New Parent Should Know

Bringing home a new baby is a moment filled with joy and so much anticipation about the future. We work for months getting the nursery just so, with the right crib and bedding and all the right colors. It is natural to want things to be “just right” for our newest bundle of joy, including…

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Don’t Use THIS Security Alarm Code

What if we told you that an intruder had a 10% chance of getting your security alarm code right? Would that shock you? It should! Here’s why.  In an analysis of 3.4 million 4-digit codes, by far the most popular security code was 1234. You’ve Got to be Kidding. We’re Not. Nobody really uses  1234…

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How Safe are Your Valuables?

We’d all like to think that we are pretty smart about keeping our valuables safe in the home. The truth is, most of us get complacent and probably take more risks than we realize. We make common mistakes like leaving cash, costly electronics, and other small valuables in open and accessible locations or leaving our…

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5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Every home security system should include layers of protection that start with changing common practices and implementing simple changes that complement the home security system. Even the most comprehensive security alarm systems are less effective if residents fail to put supportive practices in place. Here are some fast, simple, and affordable ways to improve your…

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