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Archive for July 2017

6 Top Tips to Prevent Residential Burglary

Most people think about ways to prevent another burglary, after having been victimized. Since, according to FBI crime statistics a burglary happens every 18.2 seconds, there are a lot of people that fall into that category. While the burglar is busy counting up the profit from a job that took roughly 10 minutes, the victim…

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Do You Really Know What is Going On?

After a long and exhausting day, you finally drift off to sleep. All of the sudden you hear a distant thud. Or did you? You were just in the middle of a dream, so maybe it was just part of your dream. But you really should find out, even as tired as you are. Fortunately,…

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What to Do When There Has Been a Burglary in the Neighborhood

You wake up to find that your neighbor’s house has just been burglarized and now a million thoughts are running through your head. What if it had been your home? What if the kids were home? How did the burglars go unnoticed in such a small, tight community? What if they come back? Most importantly—what…

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4 Benefits of a Wireless Camera System

It is hard to believe just how wireless our society has become. Knowing that a huge segment of today’s society has never used or seen a rotary phone, and some have never had anything but a cell phone. It seems like everything has gone wireless, including home security systems. While sometimes it is hard to…

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Home Security Features: How Important are Water Sensors?

Home security and automation systems are more advanced than ever, and come with a host options and features. More, and more advanced features are awesome, but it can be hard to know which ones you need and what values they add. Water sensors are so unobtrusive that it can cause people to wonder is they…

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