Home Automation: 3 benefits of smart lighting

If you’ve ever wondered what a smart plug is, wonder no more. Read on to find out the benefits of smart lighting and what it can do to make your home more livable and safe. Simple and app driven The smart plug is simple, but it can become very useful for your home when connected…

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Using Schedules and Scenes for Household Management

wireless home alarm systems nj

Today, family life is busy and bustling. Many homeowners are looking to technology to help them stay on top of it all; the popularity of Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo account for this. But can your security system contribute as well?

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Are Wireless Keypads Better for an Alarm System?

wireless keypads in NJ home alarm systems

Wireless keypads on an alarm system – are they better than keypads on traditional systems? And if so, why? Keep reading and all will be revealed. There are three big reasons why wireless keypads are superior to hardwired alarm systems.

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Mobile Apps for Home Security Management

If you still own an alarm system with clunky buttons, loud beeps and endless codes to memorize, then everything you know about home security is wrong. Today’s systems are much better managed with mobile apps, and homeowners are better off for it. Here’s why.

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