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Archive for June 2016

Home Security and Video Surveillance Go Hand In Hand

Home security systems consist of a network of elements that in some cases, may work independently of one another. But just because they can work independently, does not mean they should. This is especially true of using security cameras as your sole source of security. Video surveillance is a powerful tool in protecting your home,…

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Is a Home Security System Worth the Money? Absolutely.

Often times people think of a security system as a luxury item, or place it down the list of priorities believing that crime happens elsewhere. The fact is, crime happens everywhere and security systems are tools no person can afford to live without. Placing Value on Safety We value many things in our lives and…

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How Does Interactive Security Aid In Home Security?

Okay. So we’ve been told that we here at GuardMe Security can get a little geeked out on security products and slip into security “geekspeak”. We can’t help it, though.  There really is an overwhelming amount of technology involved in professionally designed home security systems and it is very easy to get lost in the…

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Home Security & Google Maps: Better NOT Together?

Google maps are getting better and more detailed than ever before. Using the street view feature, anyone can type in any address to get a full view of your property. Anyone—including criminals. If you have a home security system you might wonder if you should even be concerned about this and take the time to…

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