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Archive for January 2019

Ex-Criminal Confessions: What Burglars Hate to See

Sometimes, reporters ask rehabilitated burglars and other ex-criminals to give their tips on preventing break-ins. They may ask questions about what the burglars saw as good opportunities for breaking into a home, vs. what things might have discouraged them from attempting. In this case, our tips are based on what discourages burglars – those things they absolutely hate to see when they attempt to break in. Those things include:

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Do I Really Need Glass Break Monitoring?

Aren’t motion detectors enough to stop an intruder in his tracks? In some cases, yes – but if an intruder breaks the glass on a door or window, it’s often the glass break detectors that stop him from going any further.

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Do Phony Home Security Cameras Work?

Maybe you know somebody who claims his house was never broken into because he mounted fake security cameras: little decoys that look like real video cameras, but are not even close to being working recording devices. Experienced burglars can spot a phony camera immediately. Here’s what you need to know…

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