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Archive for May 2018

Comparing Home Security Systems and Services

Home security solutions are constantly evolving as new technology emerges. Each type of system has its own unique features that set it apart from others. Once you start comparing security systems, you may notice that there are plenty of variables to make the job even more difficult. From pricing to packages to monitoring options and equipment; there are many factors to consider and compare.

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3 Vintage Home Security Devices that No Longer Work

In today’s sophisticated security climate, criminals have become more sophisticated too. That means that many things we once considered tried-and-true security devices are no longer useful; in fact, they are downright not smart anymore. Our home security company believes it’s high time to retire these three “old school” security practices: Keys Under the Mat Even…

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School Security: Make Schools Safer by Working Smarter

Our hearts go out to those families and victims that have been affected by the recent spate of school shootings. GuardMe Security wants to help. The implementation of virtual guard services and managed access control will provide a much-needed sense of relief, both in the minds of administrators with finite resources and in the minds of parents who send their children off to school every year.

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Saving Big on AC This Summer

Did you know that heating and cooling a home costs the average American family $900 every year? With that in mind, it’s no wonder that energy-saving smart thermostats have skyrocketed in popularity.

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