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Archive for November 2016

Viewing and Paying Your Bill Just Got a Lot Easier

At GuardMe Security, we love things that make the lives of our customers easier. That’s why we love the new App. It is one more way to streamline your life. New Feature With the busy lives we lead, it is easy for some things to slip through the cracks. With this new app, you…

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Domestic Violence: Make Home Security Part of Your Safety Plan

We like to keep our blogs as lighthearted as possible, but also as informative as possible. Sometimes, we have to get serious to share lifesaving information. This is one of those times. Home security is a serious topic. Some have never encountered a serious threat to safety and want to use home security to help…

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Homes Today Burn 8x’s Faster Than Those 50 Years Ago

Today’s home fires burn at a furious rate. All it takes 166 seconds to achieve flashover, the point at which fire spontaneous ignites and consumes an entire (sparsely furnished) room, and can happen even more quickly the more furnishings and possessions populate the room. Over the years, the time to flashover has changed, dropping dramatically…

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Home Automation Supports Disabled Veterans

Disabled veterans have given so much and giving up freedom in their own home should not be one of them. Thanks to the many home automation options available today, our heroes can have the control and support they need to feel home again. What is Home Automation? Home automation is a network of connected systems…

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