3 Vintage Home Security Devices that No Longer Work

In today’s sophisticated security climate, criminals have become more sophisticated too. That means that many things we once considered tried-and-true security devices are no longer useful; in fact, they are downright not smart anymore. Our home security company believes it’s high time to retire these three “old school” security practices: Keys Under the Mat Even…

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Homes Today Burn 8x’s Faster Than Those 50 Years Ago

Today’s home fires burn at a furious rate. All it takes 166 seconds to achieve flashover, the point at which fire spontaneous ignites and consumes an entire (sparsely furnished) room, and can happen even more quickly the more furnishings and possessions populate the room. Over the years, the time to flashover has changed, dropping dramatically…

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10 Reasons To Get Monitored Fire and CO Detection Today

You can find standard, stand-alone fire and CO detectors and alarms in every home improvement and department store. You can find them in homes all across America. They must be a highly effective option, right? The truth is they are not as effective as you may think and may provide you more peace of mind…

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Home Fire Alarm Systems: Family Safety Tips

Owning a home or residing in an apartment requires significant attention paid to the safety and security of the home, and one of the most powerful aspects to consider is fire safety and awareness. A recent study by the National Fire Protection Association suggests that 7 people lose their life each day in the United…

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Monitored Smoke Alarm Systems: Not Your Father’s Smoke Detector

monitored smoke alarm systems

“Smoke detectors save lives”. A clichéd statement to be sure, but an accurate one. The American Red Cross says that the lives of 890 people are saved annually by the presence of a monitored smoke alarm system in the home. Sadly, 3,000 more lives are lost annually by homes that either didn’t have smoke detectors, or…

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Easy Ways to Reduce False Alarms

home security systems

False alarms are problematic for everyone. They cause the homeowner unnecessary worry and can burden the emergency system, increasing their response times to real emergencies. The good news is that most incidents of false alarms can be avoided by following a few simple tips. Talk to Your Home Security System Provider There are many things…

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