Do Phony Home Security Cameras Work?

Everybody knows somebody who makes exaggerated claims. Maybe you know somebody who claims his house was never broken into because he mounted fake security cameras: little decoys that look like real video cameras, but are not even close to being working recording devices. These phony cameras, he would argue, protected his family from burglary for years with no investment in real cameras or monitoring fees.

He’s not “lying,” necessarily; your acquaintance may believe these fakers are the reason his home has remained secure. But does he have a way to prove it? Not likely. Plus, there’s this inconvenient truth: Experienced burglars can spot a phony camera immediately.

Some more facts about fake home security cameras:

They can’t show you important activity.

In fact, they can’t show you anything at all. A real home security camera is triggered by the motion of the people in its range, and it records a clip of their activity. If it’s a smart camera and the homeowner is connected to the system via smartphone, then it will send the clip for the homeowner to view. From there, the homeowner can act appropriately. A phony camera can’t do any of these things.

They can’t help you catch anyone.

Here’s a scenario: There’s a person at your door, and they’re up to no good. In fact, their intention is to enter your home and burglarize you (or worse). If you have a real home security camera, it will spring into action and send you a video clip of him peering through the windows, tapping on the door, and prying it open. Your acquaintance’s fake camera would be of no help whatsoever in this scenario.  

They aren’t connected.

Let’s stay in this scene. As soon as the burglar crosses the threshold into your home, your motion detectors will trigger the alarm. Remember, your cameras and security system are connected. The monitoring center receives the alarm signal right away, calls you and assures you that help is coming. Can a phony camera do any of that? You already know the answer.

Clearly, phony cameras are not the better option. Operable cameras that are connected to the system are the only option if you’re serious about home security. For information on video cameras and other equipment for home security, homeowners can contact GuardMe Security. We look forward to scheduling your free home security consultation.

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