Home Security: App Integration is Simply Awesome

When it comes to your home security and home automation system, application integration is more than a convenience; it empowers technological excellence. Why? Because with application integration, your system gains intelligence from multiple sources to really “get” you and respond accordingly. With application integration you can connect your entire system, and the more you connect, the more your home can do for you.

To get a better idea of what we mean, here are some of the advantages.

More Data Equals Better Responsiveness

Application integration completes the circle between your home’s systems and your activities. It assembles data from all the connected points, such as security sensors, lighting, temperature control, activity, inactivity, and how you access the system and when, for adaptive learning. The more information the system can gain, the more responsive it becomes to your needs.

Take Command

The application integration feature allows all of your connected devices to talk to each other and with customizable triggers, respond to your life. For example, when the lights go in in the bedroom in the morning, it may trigger the coffee to brew and the thermostat to reduce the temperature. Closing and locking the front door may cause the lights to go out, and inactivity may trigger the air conditioning to turn off to save money.

Gain Knowledge

So you know your system can learn from you, but did you know that you can glean information from your home? Application integration can keep you in the know with real time text or image alerts if anyone enters your home while you are away.

Geo-Services. We Have Arrived.

Who doesn’t appreciate a warm welcome? With geo-fencing your home can respond to your needs as you are approaching so the lights can be on, and the home at perfect temperature. All you need to do is kick off your shoes and enjoy.

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Craig Metzger
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