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Home Security

3 Smart Things Your Video Doorbell Can Do To Protect Your Home and Family

Video Doorbell

The video doorbell becomes more popular every year because it takes home security to the next level, taking the power away from porch pirates and thieves. Strategy Analytics predicts that people all over the world will spend almost $8 million on smart home cameras in 2019, and that includes video doorbells. By 2023, global camera sales could surge to over 111 million units per year. Here are some of the nifty things the video doorbell can do to enhance home security.

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A Beginners Brief Guide to Smart Home Security

Home Security Video Camera

Smart home video and security cameras provide homeowners with peace of mind. They let you know what’s going on at home when you aren’t there and are a great proactive security solution. If you’re new to smart home security, buying the right cameras can be tricky. So, here’s some information to help pick the right security solution for your family’s needs.

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Today’s Front Porch Security

While the days of leaving your door unlocked might be gone, front door convenience and security does not have to be, thanks to home automation and smart security features. Today, technology offers the convenience we want and the security we need without sacrificing the warmth of a welcoming home.

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Home Security Tips for New Home Owners

Now that the ink has dried and escrow has finally closed, we want to welcome you to the neighborhood. We have to admit that we are pretty partial to living and working in New Jersey. There are so many interesting elements to the area, and one of the best is that it really is a…

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