How Home Alarm Monitoring Can Save Your Life

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In 2017, the Bureau of Justice Statistics reported that about 20 out of every 1,000 homes were burglarized. Homeowners can become victims of a violent crime, fire, or other home catastrophes. So, a monitored home alarm system could be the difference between life and death. Here’s a look at how home alarm monitoring can potentially save your life.

Home Invasion and Burglary

Home invasions and burglaries are common property crimes that homeowners face. Contrary to popular belief, criminals do break into houses when the residents are home.

Sometimes investigators and reporters ask ex-criminals for tips to prevent break-ins, and one thing burglars hate to see is intelligent and effective home security systems. It’s imperative to take measures to protect your family from dangerous criminals’ intent on robbing you of your property and maybe even your life.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

They don’t call carbon monoxide “the silent killer” for nothing. Numerous sources such as old furnaces and charcoal or wood-burning stoves can release this colorless, odorless gas. Unless you have a carbon monoxide detector, it’s completely undetectable.

Similar to the smoke detectors installed in your home, a monitored carbon monoxide detector alerts emergency authorities and your family when carbon monoxide levels rise in your home. The quicker your family gets out of the house, the less severe the poisoning is.


Few things are more terrifying to families than house fires. No one thinks they’ll be the victim of a house fire until they are. The National Fire Protection Association reported that from 2012-2016 fire departments in the United States responded to approximately 355,400 house fires each year. Those fires caused 2,560 civilian deaths, 11,670 injuries to civilians, and $6.5 billion in property damage.

A monitored home fire alarm notifies you and the fire department if it senses heat or smoke. Since fire can spread rapidly, it’s critical that the fire department responds to your house as quickly as possible to extinguish the flames. Here mere seconds can save lives and prevent the fire from spreading to other residences.

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Monitored home alarms perform many tasks, but perhaps the most important is keeping your family safe. Home alarm systems deter would-be criminals when an intruder attempts to or invades your home. These systems also contact emergency services when there are medical and fire emergencies. Installing one in your home could save your life. GuardMe can help. Call us today.

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