Home Security and Video Surveillance Go Hand In Hand

Home security systems consist of a network of elements that in some cases, may work independently of one another. But just because they can work independently, does not mean they should. This is especially true of using security cameras as your sole source of security. Video surveillance is a powerful tool in protecting your home, family, and property but its power lies in its ability to enhance other elements in your security system.

How Home Security Cameras Work

Security cameras provide a video feed which users view through a dedicated monitor, mobile smart phone screen. The images provide an overview of the areas covered by the security cameras. Some systems provide a live feed, while others provide recorded feedback. In residential use, these cameras provide a serious deterrent to thieves as well as provide a way to identify anyone perpetrating a crime.

Is Using Video Surveillance Alone Good Home Security?

Some residents use video surveillance alone as their total security package, thinking it is a cost-efficient security option instead of a professionally monitored security system. While it is a cost-efficient security measure, it is only part of the equation. Home video cameras provide excellent oversight, but that is where the advantage ends unless it matched with other security measures. Here is why:

  • Video surveillance cannot stop a crime in progress
  • Video surveillance cannot alert police, property owners, or neighbors in the event of crime or other emergency
  • Video surveillance systems must be monitored to be effective, and most homeowners cannot monitor their systems around the clock

Home Security and Video Surveillance Go Hand In Hand

There is no question that a home security system provides unparalleled advantage in home protection and crime prevention. When a  professionally monitored video surveillance system is added to that system, those advantages are magnified. In the event of a break-in for example, the intruder triggers and alarm which alerts the monitoring center who then immediately contacts authorities and the property owner. Video surveillance can provide valuable information in identifying the criminal as well as the intruder’s location on the property.

Home security is a strong deterrence against crime. While no method of protection is impenetrable, a recent University of North Carolina study showed that 60% of criminals would move on to another target if they suspect a home is protected by a home security system. That is significant. If you are ready to investigate what home security can do for you, give us a call.  From full system inspections to general maintenance plans and 24/7 video monitoring, GuardMe Security provides service, support and professional guidance for every home video surveillance system that we install.

Craig Metzger
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