Shorter Days, Longer Nights – So Does that Mean More Thieves in Your Neighborhood?

Daylight Savings takes place this weekend. And, that means shorter days and longer, darker nights. While it makes bedtime a little easier, it also makes it more tempting for burglars to break-in. Consult your local home security company to have your home assessed and make sure your existing system is protecting your home with the change in seasons.

Tips for Protecting Your Home

Fall means it gets darker earlier. In fact, it could be dark before you even get home from work. Which means burglars have more time to look for prospective houses and break-in. There are things you can do, however, to protect your home. These include:

  • Installing an Exterior Security System – Having a home security system that monitors the perimeter of your property will help deter burglars and notify you the second your perimeter is breached.
  • Adding Motion Sensor Lights – Sometimes all it takes is a motion-sensing light to deter burglars. Place these near entry points, such as your garage, front door, back door and even your second floor. As someone enters the detection zone, the light will turn on and brighten up the area.
  • Add Surveillance Cameras – Surveillance cameras can catch potential thieves during the day as well as at night. When you have motion lights attached to your security cameras, you can capture the potential thief on tape to turn over to authorities.

You should have your home assessed by a home security company before the nights start getting longer. GuardMe Security offers a no-obligation consultation. We can assess your home and advise you on what security precautions will protect your home and loved ones. If you have an existing system, we can recommend upgrades so that you get the most out of your home security.

Give us a call today at (800) 235-0644 or ask a question on our website and a GuardMe Security expert will be in touch shortly. 

Craig Metzger
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