Smart Home Security Saves You Stress Over the Holidays

The holidays bring joy and fun with your family and friends, but they also bring stress and worry. There are package thieves to worry about as well as cold weather and vacations. But smart home security has your back with intelligent ways to manage your home for the holidays. Here are some of the ways that your security system can help protect your family and home over the holidays.

Package Stalkers

Holidays are also the favorite time of year for burglars as well. They work overtime stalking houses looking for lonely packages on peoples’ porches. You don’t want Aunt Gertrude’s Christmas present stolen from your front porch, so install a smart security system with smart locks and a video doorbell.

When the delivery person rings your doorbell, you’ll receive an alert on your smartphone. Simply tap on the alert, and you’ll connect through a live video feed to the delivery person. You can direct him where to place the package so it will be safe until you get home. You can even unlock the front door remotely to let the delivery man put the package inside and then lock the door again when he steps back onto the porch. You can handle all these actions, no matter where you are using the security app on your smartphone.

Fireplace Perils

Fall and winter bring cold weather, and people love to gather around a warm fire inside. However, there’s always an element of danger when it comes to fireplaces, so you need to be careful and aware when tending to the fire. With a smart security system, you can also get the latest fire safety technology.

Smart smoke detectors connect to your security system to alert everyone of a carbon monoxide leak or when the system detects smoke and heat from a possible fire. The system sends a notification to your smartphone, people on your emergency contact list, and a 24/7 monitoring station that alerts fire, rescue, and police if necessary.

Vacation Worries

Studies show that burglars don’t like security systems. They’ll pick another target if the original one has a security alarm, so an intelligent security system deters criminals. While you leave to visit your family for the holidays, your security system acts as a sentinel over your property, keeping the bad guys away.

Also, don’t worry if you forgot to set the alarm or lock the front door when you left, your system will send you an alert. All you need to do is tap the alert in your security app, and you can secure the house and arm the alarm. There’s no need to worry when you have a smart home security system.

These are just a few ways a smart home security system can help protect you and your family this holiday season.

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