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Security Systems

Home Automation: 3 benefits of smart lighting

If you’ve ever wondered what a smart plug is, wonder no more. Read on to find out the benefits of smart lighting and what it can do to make your home more livable and safe. Simple and app driven The smart plug is simple, but it can become very useful for your home when connected…

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Are You Really Ready for a Smart Home?

If you have not already jumped into the smart home revolution, you may be holding out because you want to be sure you are really ready. It may be that with a jam-packed schedule, you have not had time to dive in and investigate whether or not home automation technologies can actually meet any of…

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How to Ruin Your Teen’s House Party in 6 Steps

School may be out for the holidays, but you are still hard at work. This is prime time for teens to cook up a little trouble in the form of an unauthorized house party while you are away. Before home automation technologies, the best that parents could do was get heads-up from an alert neighbor,…

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Homes Today Burn 8x’s Faster Than Those 50 Years Ago

Today’s home fires burn at a furious rate. All it takes 166 seconds to achieve flashover, the point at which fire spontaneous ignites and consumes an entire (sparsely furnished) room, and can happen even more quickly the more furnishings and possessions populate the room. Over the years, the time to flashover has changed, dropping dramatically…

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5 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Security

Every home security system should include layers of protection that start with changing common practices and implementing simple changes that complement the home security system. Even the most comprehensive security alarm systems are less effective if residents fail to put supportive practices in place. Here are some fast, simple, and affordable ways to improve your…

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What Will The Best Home Security Companies in NJ Do For You?

Have you recently moved into a new home or apartment in New Jersey? Would you like to upgrade an outdated home alarm to a more sophisticated and secure home security system? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are probably looking for a home security provider in NJ. What you need goes…

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Comparing Home Security System Costs

As technology improves year over year, the cost of a home security system gets more and more affordable. In the past, before wireless security systems, the cost of installation meant paying for the repairs after installers tore out parts of the wall for wiring and space for bulky cameras, video recorders, monitors, and motion-sensing devices.…

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6 Reasons to Install Home Security Cameras Outside Your Home

While it might seem like the actions of Big Brother, installing home security cameras outside your home (as well as inside) is the ideal way to keep an eye on what goes on outside your home. You can see who is entering your home (and when), and know that you can back up your suspicions…

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