Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Safe

No one really looks forward to spring cleaning, but it is that annual task that must be done. While you are scrubbing away the grime of the year, polishing the floors and dusting blinds, use this opportunity to make your home a safe haven too.

The following are the best ways you can make your home safer and they all can be done at the same time you clean.

Tackle High Traffic Areas 

The high traffic areas of your home – hallway, kitchen, foyer, etc. – are prime spots for household accidents. While you are cleaning these areas, consider making them a little safer by:

  • Taking care of hazards. Things like excess clutter, small tables that can be tripped over, or even a rug that moves when you walk on it are all safety hazards. If the areas are fully carpeted and you notice the carpet is loose, contact a professional to have it tightened as well to prevent any accidents.
  • Check out the lighting situation. High-traffic areas need adequate lighting to prevent slips, stumbles and falls – especially if you have young children or elderly adults in the house. Make sure these areas are well-lit, even at night.

Take Care of Personal Possessions

Spring is the perfect time to clean out family possessions that you no longer need and that simply cause clutter in the house. Excess toys, for example, can be a tripping hazard. Sporting equipment, when left around the house, can also promote trips and falls. Designate an area in the home where toys should be stored and set ground rules for picking them up. In the garage, create a space for sporting equipment and make sure they are put away after each practice or game.

Also, do not forget those small appliances you leave plugged in around the house – hair dryers, toothbrush charging stations or even curling irons to name a few. These items could overheat, spark and cause a fire in your home. Find a proper storage place for these items, away from water, and keep them unplugged when not in use.

Spring cleaning is a great time to assess the organization and safety of your home. It is also a great time to install other security items, like a home security system.

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Craig Metzger
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