Video Monitoring: Top Features You Need In Smart Security

One of the biggest advantages of smart security is having complete access 24/7. That is especially true of video surveillance systems. Today, owners use video surveillance systems for much more than capturing would-be criminal acts. Because of smart technologies, these systems have become an integrated life tool for family oversight, time management, property management and a host of other practical applications. This is why having the right features matters so much.

Video monitoring allows you to see exactly what’s going on and capture important moments or critical events with reliable recording. Here are some things to look for in a best-in-class video solution.

Don’t Live Without Live Streaming Video

A great video surveillance system and monitoring service provides access to live feeds so you can always see what’s going on on your property. Here are key features you  should consider when evaluating live streaming video.

  • Smartphone access. Find out if the system can be accessed via your smartphone or other smart device.
  • HD Quality.  Higher quality images can make a huge difference if there is a security event that requires being able to clearly identify a criminal.
  • Low-light capability. Look for a system with great low-light capabilities. A component such as a video doorbell with low-light capabilities ensures you can identify people or suspicious activity even under less than optimal lighting conditions.
  • Ability to control PTZ cameras. If you want or have a pan, tilt, zoom camera find out if it is accessible and able to be controlled remotely from a smartphone, tablet, and web so that you can gain different views of the location.
  • View multiple locations. If you own multiple properties or have a need to keep an eye multiple sites at one location the ability to view those simultaneously is an asset.
  • Integrating existing video. Look for a system that integrates existing cameras.

Smart Triggers and Video Alerts

Smart video monitoring does much more than traditional, stand-alone monitoring. Here are a few of the important features you’ll need.

  • Smart capture. In the event of an alarm, you want a system that automatically captures pre and post-alarm video footage.
  • Ability to set custom triggers. No activity is the same, so it helps to be able to set custom triggers that send alerts if the activity meets your criteria, such as a door opening between certain hours or if a car pulls into the driveway.

Location Based Response

How you use a smart security system varies according to your location. That’s the power of geo-based responses. With this, your system responds to triggers based on your location, such as sending an open door alert if you are away, or have outdoor cameras active when you are home or not, while limiting indoor cameras when the home is occupied.

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