Why An Integrated Commercial Security System Makes Sense

commercial security systems

Even smaller companies are beginning to realize that upgraded security saves lives, money, and reputations. There are many benefits to implementing a security plan that combines modern technologies into one comprehensive, commercial security system. In an age where every computer can be almost instantly connected to another via the Internet, it makes sense to have various approaches networked into one protective blanket. Automated systems, cameras, and online communication means first responders can be sent video feed along with emergency alerts.

Access to surveillance systems allows police and fire fighting personnel to make an accurate assessment of the situation, and form a plan of action, before even arriving at the scene. Cameras can be triggered and alerts sent to an operations center when there is unauthorized access to a room, a building. and even a particular workstation. A secure area or entire floor can be locked down with a push of a button to isolate and contain the threat. A company’s security can be linked to human resources, cyber security software, and other applications to instantly revoke the credentials of a terminated employee or other interloper to prevent unauthorized computer use, or building access through a swiped key card. New employees can be activated and receive permissions just as easily. Information can be fed to a central processing station or even a single user interface that doesn’t necessarily have to be on site.

A commercial security system can save lives.

A single high-tech security firm could manage multiple client sites from one office, even globally, and simply relay alerts and information to appropriate first responders in the event of an emergency. Hospitals and other organizations are using these PSIM (physical security information management) systems to improve patient care as well as monitor security. Individually coded badges can be worn by staff and visitors to be read by sensors, and the results relayed to operators in order to monitor the person’s location at any time.

At one Veteran’s Administration facility, such a system was able to manage hundreds of cameras and access points. Such potential means a drastic savings in reduced security personnel and property loss. Many organizations tend to focus on only one secure area, such as a server room, to guard against data loss, or an entry point accessible to intruders. But an automated system could easily be expanded to cover an entire building complex. In today’s world of high-tech as well as physical dangers, companies need to get their IT staff together with security, HR, and management to implement a security plan that would benefit everyone across the board.

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