How Does Interactive Security Aid In Home Security?

Okay. So we’ve been told that we here at GuardMe Security can get a little geeked out on security products and slip into security “geekspeak”. We can’t help it, though.  There really is an overwhelming amount of technology involved in professionally designed home security systems and it is very easy to get lost in the multitude of terms. That’s why we wanted to take a moment and share about one of our favorite topics, interactive home security.

Interactive Home Security Basics

Simply put, interactive security is a system of integrated security features that can be accessed and controlled from anywhere on smart devices. Interactive security features can also be customized to help you do things such as receiving customized alerts, arm or disarm, view sensor and alarm history, and check visitor activity, from anywhere, anytime you desire. In some cases the systems include products such as ZWave locks and alarm sensors. Other times residents choose to use a full suite of home automation technologies to aid in their home security. The levels of interactive security, and layers of security, depend on the desire of the resident and what products meet their needs.

How Does Interactive Security Aid In Home Security?

Isn’t it enough to have an advanced alarm system that alerts the authorities should there be a problem? Of course any added security adds to our peace of mind, but interactive security multiplies the possibilities exponentially. For example, having a security system is great but we all know how easy it is to forget to activate it when we leave. With interactive security you can not only check from any location to be sure you armed the alarm system, but turn it on if you didn’t! Interactive security can allow you to turn off and on lights and other enabled appliance and devices remotely so you can appear home at a moment’s notice, deterring any illegal activity.  The ability to turn off and on appliances and lights also aids in safety, fire prevention, and energy efficiency.

Now you see why we are so enthusiastic about this technology. Interactive security places your security needs right at your fingertips, every moment of every day. We think our customers deserve that kind of protection.

If you want to talk some more security “geekspeak”, feel free to give us a call. You have our cell numbers and we are always available. And that is how it has been for over twenty years and will be for years to come.

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