Home Security Tips Every New Parent Should Know

Bringing home a new baby is a moment filled with joy and so much anticipation about the future. We work for months getting the nursery just so, with the right crib and bedding and all the right colors. It is natural to want things to be “just right” for our newest bundle of joy, including securing the safety of our home. When we welcome a baby into our home, everything changes forever about how we approach home security needs.

Danger Does not Stop to Celebrate

It is easy for new parents to get so wrapped up in the joy of having a new child in their life that they forget the rest of the world may not be stopping to enjoy the moment, especially burglars. According to the most recent FBI statistics, a home is broken into every 18.2 seconds somewhere in the United States. Unfortunately, homes with little ones do not get a free pass. Burglaries can and do happen while families are at home, even families with babies. The thought is scary, but the threat is real.

What Should Parents Do?

After baby-proofing the home with electrical socket guards and removing all safety hazards, there is still a lot you can do to protect your child’s safety. Before you do anything else, check out these important safety tips for new parents.

Get Expert Help to Re-evaluate Security Needs

One of the most helpful ways is to think of your home security system as a baby security system to get a new perspective about your home security needs. Talk to a home security specialist about your current life and find out how your security can be enhanced. The home security industry is advancing quickly as innovative new technologies are integrated. The chances are high that there is some new product or feature that can help keep your new child safe, and give you peace of mind.

Sensors are a Must

As parents, we’d like to have our eyes on our children every moment of every day but we do have to sleep eventually. By integrating motion sensors and glass break sensors into your security system you can rest easy (at least between diaper changes and feedings) knowing that nothing can come close to your family without warning.

Indoor and Outdoor Video Surveillance

Having a video surveillance system is another important security feature. It helps to know what is going on outside your home so you can detect any unusual activity before it becomes a problem. Additionally, visible outdoor cameras serve as a strong deterrence to criminals who much prefer to target homes without security. Indoor video cameras can be used as a way to check on the baby from your phone at any time. This is one way to combat the growing problem of baby monitor hacking.

Have Your System Monitored

As a parent, having the right support is a must. That’s why it is so important to have your home security system professionally monitored. In the event of an emergency, help can be called immediately even if you can’t call yourself.

GuardMe Security is happy to celebrate your family with unparalleled products, service, and support. Your family’s safety is our top priority.

Craig Metzger
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