Are Wireless Keypads Better for an Alarm System?

wireless keypads in NJ home alarm systems

Wireless keypads on an alarm system – are they better than keypads on traditional systems? And if so, why? Keep reading and all will be revealed. There are three big reasons why wireless keypads are superior to hardwired alarm systems.

1. They’re less invasive on your home.

A traditional home security system required keypads to be hardwired to the home’s infrastructure, which meant an invasive installation comprised of drilling holes and risky electrical work. Naturally, cost corollaries were involved as well. With wireless keypads, installation is easier, more affordable, and less invasive.

2. They’re detached from old technology.

Hardwired keypads were forcibly attached to your old technology: a landline telephone, the electrical wiring, maybe internet broadband. There was a lot riding on these components all working properly; if the phone line was cut or the power went out, the system was unlikely to work – and your home was immediately vulnerable. Wireless systems, including the wireless keypad, are detached from outdated technology. That’s a good thing.

3. They’re easier to troubleshoot.

If there was a problem requiring diagnosis and repair, a hardwired security system needed to be checked out in person by the installer. This could mean a service call fee, a long wait, and any number of other inconveniences. But with a wireless system, everything can be troubleshooted remotely – often, repairing the problem can happen remotely as well. It’s easier on the homeowner, takes less time, and enhances the ownership experience.

If you’re still attached to an old security system, these are some great reasons to go wireless from the keypad up. For questions on a wireless home security upgrade, call GuardMe Security. We’ll be glad to address them.

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