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Using Schedules and Scenes for Household Management

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Today, family life is busy and bustling. Many homeowners are looking to technology to help them stay on top of it all; the popularity of Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo account for this. But can your security system contribute as well? If you’ve opted to incorporate smart home technology, then the answer is yes. Two of the best ways smart home technology can contribute to your household management are Schedules and Scenes.

How to Use Schedules

Using the Schedules function on your home security app, you can be sure the cameras come on only when you want them to. Don’t want the kids running in and out to trigger the cameras? With Schedules, you can program the system for that. You can even make sure the thermostat only goes up or down at the times you want it to, so you decide how much money you want to save on energy bills. Smart home technology is already empowering for homeowners, but the Schedules feature can help homeowners do even more.

How to Use Scenes

The Schedules feature isn’t the only way to customize your smart home technology. There’s also the Scenes feature, which helps you manage your entire network of smart home devices using simple, one-tap commands on your smart home app. Just open it up and select from the four pre-set scenes that are already built in: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. You get to decide what these scenes will do in the system: set the alarm to armed status, adjust the thermostat higher or lower, or even turn lights on or off. If your shades are part of the network, they can do it too.

Smart home technology is already empowering for homeowners, but the Schedules feature can help homeowners do even more.

Even More Customization

And, the Scenes function is even more customizable. With custom scenes like “Movie,” “Kids Bedtime” and more, you can get even more granular with what your system will do at certain times of day. And Alexa, Google Home and Echo? They’re connectable, so you can use voice commands to make this show run smoothly.

Schedules and Scenes are the perfect household management features for smart home technology. To learn how to use them, contact GuardMe Security. We would love to tell you more.

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