5 Reasons Smart Homes Are So Popular

If you think that smart homes seem to be gaining in popularity, you’re right. Approximately 30 million households added smart home technology within the last year alone. And the trend is expected to continue. In fact, a recent Intel study found that 68% of Americans expect smart homes to be as common as smartphones by 2025. It is a realistic expectation.

It’s Too Late to be an Early Adopter, But That’s Okay

The excitement level over smart home technologies is on the rise with millennials and parents leading the pack and over half of those surveyed about industry trends say they will be purchasing at least one smart home product within the next year. Researchers predict that the typical family home will have an average of 500 smart devices by 2022. Smart technologies are no longer a trend; they are a way of life.

Why Are Smart Homes Popular?

That’s an easy answer. While users cite numerous reasons for having and using smart home technologies, the top two reasons people give for purchasing a smart home system are for enhanced safety and increased energy savings.

Home Automation Peace of Mind

Year over year, industry surveys, and research show that better safety and increased peace of mind is a primary reason for purchasing a home automation system. This is true for around 90% of users. A burglary takes place every 18 seconds somewhere in the US, taking 14 seconds to commit. And over half of all break-ins use the front or back door to gain entry. Not surprisingly, this makes smart security, smart cameras, smart locks, and video doorbells among the most popular of all smart home technologies.

Increased Savings is also a Motivator

Heating and cooling accounts for 48% of all energy use in the typical home, so controlling that can result in very noticeable savings. Smart technologies provide a new approach to energy consumption and savings. Products such as the smart thermostat and smart lighting not only simplifies life, they also add significant savings by allowing users to cater usage to their needs and tap into their homes remotely to control energy efficiency. Smarthomes also help curb usage by gleaning information about usage patterns and presence from motion sensors to respond appropriately.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the advantages of smart home technologies and appreciate how home automation simplifies tasks so that the saved time can be used doing what they love most. GuardMe Security connects you to the products and technologies that provide convenience and peace of mind.

Craig Metzger
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