Home Automation

Why More Millennials Want Smart Home Security

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They grew up on and embraced technology, so it’s not surprising that millennials want smart homes that provide them the freedom to manage their household from almost anywhere in the world. Smart homes also protect their largest investment; their home.

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The Ultimate Upgrade for Man Caves

Between Father’s Day, graduations and the summer gatherings that come after them, June is the perfect month to upgrade the man cave room of the home. There’s good news for men who want to do this: It can all be done with one simple upgrade to your home’s security system.

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Mobile Apps for Home Security Management

If you still own an alarm system with clunky buttons, loud beeps and endless codes to memorize, then everything you know about home security is wrong. Today’s systems are much better managed with mobile apps, and homeowners are better off for it. Here’s why.

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