5 Smart Reasons To Have A Smart Garage Door

You have asked yourself a million times– “Why bother with security if you’re going to leave your garage door unsecured?” It just doesn’t make sense, especially when a smart garage door has so many incredible advantages. You know, like we do, that the smart garage door is actually one of the most important components in your security system; it is one of the most used entries into the home and holds a lot of valuables. That makes it the gateway to your life.

Here are 5 important reasons for having a smart garage door.

A Smart Garage Door Protects a Gateway to Your Home

The vast majority of break-ins occur at ground level through an unlocked door. Many burglars gain entry through a garage entrance because someone either did not close or did not think to secure the garage door. A smart garage door can remind you with an alert, or close on its own after a specified amount of time.

You Have Valuables in Your Garage

The garage is not just the place to store the car. It very likely holds a lot of other high-priced and easily sold items like tools and sporting equipment. A smart garage door makes your garage more secure. If it opens, you’ll know.

Having a Smart Garage Door Helps Keep Track of Goings and Comings

If you have a busy family, it helps to know who leaves and who gets home, and when. A smart garage door can help you do that by using unique codes and sending alerts to your smartphone.

A Smart Garage Door Makes Home Automation Systems Even More Thoughtful

Using geofencing, your smart garage door can detect your proximity and trigger a system of responses in preparation for your arrival. When you draw near to home, the smart thermostat can adjust the temperature, the smart lights can go on, and enabled appliances can go on so coffee is brewing and the crockpot is already simmering. As you get closer, the garage door opens and smart locks unlock.

You Never Forget To Close The Garage Door

In the rush of getting to work or getting kids off to school or an endless list of other activities, it is easy to forget to close the garage door. And that open garage is like a beacon to anyone wishing to get into your home to take your belongings. A smart garage door detects inactivity and can either close on its own or send an alert to your phone so you can close it remotely from your smart app.
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