Home Automation Wellness Tools Mean a Better Life

Most people think of home automation as a super cool tech tool that lets you offload tasks to save time and money. While home automation is a cool tool that does do that, it is also much more. That is especially true in home automation wellness. Home automation wellness applications are not just convenient– they’re life changing.

Why Wellness Tools Matter

There are over 57 million Americans living with disabilities, and nearly 13 million senior persons living alone. That is 70 million Americans living with some element of physical limitations that make life more difficult. It is difficult to understand what a limitation means until you or someone near you experiences one. What seems like a simple hindrance, such as not being able to maneuver small things, can have huge ramifications. In many cases, home automation wellness tools can help remove many of those barriers.

It’s All About Connectedness

To understand how wellness tools work, you need to know a little bit about how home automation as a whole works. A smart home is a home with an integrated system which uses computer and network technologies, and wireless technology to connect a battery of appliances, devices, and systems. In doing this, it centralizes the management of these systems which is accessible even remotely. The sensors play an important role too, because they incorporate a large amount computing power and transmit information about the activity of the users, and anticipate their needs.

Home Automation is a Solution for Homecare

Home automation wellness solutions extend the connected home technology platform so that individuals can live more comfortably, safely, and conveniently in their own home. It is not just about being able to control the home from a single device; it is about the home working on the resident’s behalf.

Here’s how.

  1. Eliminate Tasks-– Home automation eliminates tasks and provide control and independence where there are limitations.
  2. Gain Activity Pattern Insights— Motion sensors gain information about regular activity patterns and send an alert if something is out of the ordinary.
  3. Increased Awareness— Helps know if loved ones are getting up and about.
  4. Get Alerts– Be alerted if a loved one is leaving the house at odd hours.
  5. Integrated Personal Emergency Response– Systems can integrate with PERS pendants for even more safety.

Guardme Security provides creative, integrated home automation wellness solutions based on the needs and vision of each client.

Craig Metzger
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