Burglar Deterrents: Do This, Not That

It is estimated that a home burglary happens every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States. That means, in the span of one short commercial break on television, two homes were burglarized and two family’s lives changed forever. One of the big reasons so many burglaries take place is that nobody every expects that they could become a target. It is something that happens to the house down the street, or in another town. Because of this underlying belief, many homeowners make mistakes in how they approach burglary deterrents.

If you want to fortify your home with layers of deterrents that will make even the most skilled burglars think twice, consider our Do This Not That list of Burglar Deterrents.

Do This. Burglary Deterrents That Work

Visible Door and Window Locks

Burglars enter homes through doors and windows so visible, sturdy locks is an important factor in keeping them out. Having upgraded locks tells them that you likely have other home security features in place.

Lock Your Doors

This may seem obvious, but a surprising number of burglars report walking in through an unlocked door. Lock the doors when you leave, but also while you are home. If you, like most people, leave in a rush each day and can never be sure the doors are locked, then use home automation and security features that allow you to check the status of the locks and lock them remotely if necessary.

Get a Home Security Check

Many local police departments offer home security checks. Call and ask if they will come and walk around the inside and outside of the property and make suggestions for improving your safety.

Install a Home Security System

Opt in to the most comprehensive security system you can afford. The more elements you incorporate, you add layers of barriers to the burglar. Motion and glass break sensors can send an early and immediate warning to the central station for swift response. Security cameras are also a huge deterrence as burglars, of course, do not want to get caught.

Motion Activated Lights

Keep all parts of your property illuminated, and for dork shadowed places, use motion activated floodlights.

Not That: Deterrents that Just Don’t Work

Alarm Company Signs

There is something to be said for not using alarm company signs. Burglars are experts at what they do and can spot fake signs from a million miles away. Even using real alarm signs could pose a problem as it gives them information about your alarm company, and thus potentially something about your system.

Leaving the Lights On

Anything static, whether it is lights off for an extended time or lights on, is a beacon that tells burglars you are not home and your house is open for business.

Pausing Mail and Newspaper Delivery

While it is good not to have papers piling up at your door, it can be just as obvious if there is no activity at all.

Hiding Valuables

While hiding valuables may provide some deterrence, professional thieves are savvy and know just about every trick in the book. So, if you hide your valuables, get creative.

Getting a Big Dog

We love man’s best friend. Really, we do. But using a dog as a main burglar deterrent just isn’t as effective as people think. Dogs can be distracted, or worse, harmed in the course of a burglary. It certainly is beneficial to have a barking dog give you warning and give a thief some pause, it is best to have additional safety measures in place.

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