DIY Home Security Should Not Be An Option

Thanks to the readily available information on the Internet, more homeowners are turning to do-it-yourself projects. While there are some instances where DIY can pay off, home security is never one of them. In fact, installing or creating your own home security system could actually put you and your loved ones at greater risk.

Why DIY Should Not Be An Option

From remodeling your kitchen to installing new light fixtures, you know how to do a lot of stuff yourself. Your home security system should not, however,  be on the DIY list. Even the DIY home security packages that you can buy online (a bundled deal consisting of sensors, keypads and cameras) do not offer complete protection.

If you are thinking of installing a home security system yourself, here are a few reasons to reconsider:

  • Bundles Do Not Include Professional Installation – A trained technician should be the one to install your home security system. Professionals know where intruders look for entry points and the optimal place to install your home sensors as well as camera systems. DIY projects are often riddled with guesswork which means you could leave your home vulnerable.
  • DIY Security Could Mean Frequent False Alarms – All it takes is a child, pet or a temperature change to trip your self-installed alarm system when it is not installed properly. Professionals can identify possible triggers and ensure your alarm is installed to limit them.
  • DIY Security May Not Come with Monitoring – One of the biggest benefits to a professional security system is the monitoring. DIY kits may not have a professional service monitoring your home 24/7/365. Without monitoring, there is no one to notify the police or other emergency personnel when an alarm is tripped. That could mean fire officials are not aware your home’s smoke detectors have gone off until the fire is out of control and a watchful neighbor makes the call!
  • Maintenance is Missing – DIY systems do not come with maintenance service which is crucial for keeping your home’s security system running smoothly. Professional services often include maintenance as part of the package or you can request it.

GuardMe Security offers a variety of home security packages that are affordable but never sacrifice your safety. We offer free in-home estimates and our technicians can show you how much you truly save with a professional system.

Call GuardMe Security experts today at (800) 235-0644 or ask a question online. 

Craig Metzger
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