Personal Safety Tips While Living Alone

Many people choose to live alone or their personal circumstances force them to do so. Whether it is because you want to be closer to work, enjoy the independence or the average roommate drives you crazy, there are many perks to being solo. The one problem of living by yourself is safety, because as the saying goes, there’s safety in numbers. Living alone, however, can be very safe with a little planning and care. By implementing just a few personal safety tips, you can enjoy the freedom without any worry.

All it takes is practicing a little caution to protect yourself. Instead of waiting until danger presents itself, implement these tips as soon as possible to start protecting yourself today.

  • Get a Dog – You may live alone but having a furry friend offers two great benefits: first, you have a companion and second, you have protection. Noisy pets are deterrents to potential intruders.
  • Meet the Neighbors – The people in your immediate neighborhood do not have to be best friends, but you should at least know who they are. Not only can they pick up your mail while you are out of town, but they can check-in on your property and be your first line of defense if something or someone suspicious is on your property.
  • Do Not Advertise You Live Alone – Make it seem like you live with someone else. Consider adding a second name to the mailbox or use a home automation system to keep lights on while you are away or even turn the TV on during the day. If you are active on social media, do not advertise the fact that you live alone, and especially, be careful not to announce when you are away from home.
  • Motion Sensing Lights – Motion sensing lights around the perimeter of your home are a deterrent to intruders. If anyone comes within reach of your property, these lights will illuminate the area and often encourage unwelcome guests to leave.
  • Install a Home Security System – While it may be an upfront investment, a home security system offers you peace of mind. It can notify you of potential intrusions, give you life-saving alerts in the event of a fire, and may even lower your homeowner’s insurance premium.
  • Be Careful About Keys – If you lose your keys, change the locks right away. Be extra cautious about friends, family or even companions you share keys with. The less people who have access to your home, the better.

With the right home security system and essential precautions, living alone can be as rewarding as you want it to be. Contact GuardMe Security to learn more about how you can protect yourself at home or to receive a free estimate for your home’s automation and security systems.

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Craig Metzger
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