Essential Home Security Steps to Take After a Move

There are few things in life more exciting than moving into a new home. Often, it’s easy to overlook all the necessary precautions to protect your property and loved ones. Burglars are more than ready to take advantage of that fact. While you may be overwhelmed with the moving process, do not forget about your home and personal security.

Essential Home Security Steps to Take After a Move

There are three simple ways to protect your home and belongings during and after a move. These include:

  • Identifying the Points of Entry – Your new home has a lot to discover, including points of entry. Before you move any belongings in, change the locks on all main entry doors. Since you do not know who has a spare key to the home, this is your first essential level of protection. Ensure gates, garage doors and even basement entrances all have ample lock protection too.
  • Remember to Protect Your Identity – Identity thieves are always on the lookout for people relocating. They rely on the fact that you will not change your address, which means they can rifle through your old mailbox (and gain access to your credit card accounts, social security, etc.). Contact all companies, including utilities, credit card companies, financial institutions, schools, etc. to change your address prior to moving. Also, file a mail forward with the post office to capture any pieces of mail you may have forgotten.
  • Check Out the Space – No two homes are the same. Do a thorough walkthrough of your home to check out the layout, identify possible security risks, and locate ideal areas for security cameras and monitoring systems.

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