“I Already Have a Dog” and Other Home Security Misconceptions

There are numerous myths revolving around home security. From the cost of having a service to relying on locks and a dog to assuming that systems are not as great as they claim, these myths could put your home and loved ones at risk—if you play into them. Before you assume anything, contact your local home security company to learn how a home security system works and what it can do for you and your family.

Top 10 Home Security Myths Debunked

  1. Home Security is Too Expensive – For most systems, you can protect your business or home for as little as $1 per day; some even cost less than $20 per month. Some insurance companies also offer discounts for having a home security system, which means you save even more.
  2. Your Neighborhood is Already Safe Safe neighborhoods do not mean you are risk averse to intrusion, vandalism or even fire.
  3. I Have a Dog Pets can be injured during an invasion just as much as people or worse, and a pet cannot protect your home against a fire.
  4. Hardwiring My Home is Difficult – Even older homes can be wired with a modern home security system. Established security companies in the Garden State like GuardMe Security have experience wiring brand new buildings as well as older structures.
  5. Alarm Systems Are Unreliable Advancements in technology have made alarm systems extremely reliable. They use unique radio signals and rarely encounter interference.
  6. Intruders Can Outsmart an Alarm A hard wired system cannot be easily disarmed by an intruder. Most quality systems today are so advanced, burglars would not know where to find the wiring or how to disarm it in the first place.
  7. My Neighborhood Watch Program Keeps Us Safe There is no such thing as a 24/7/365 neighborhood watch. Your home will have a time it is not being watched; therefore, it is still at risk.
  8. Insurance Can Replace My Stuff While insurance may replace what is lost, stolen or damaged, it cannot make you feel more secure or safe in your home after a burglary.
  9. I Use Expensive Lock Systems in My House Door chains and expensive padlocks can be easily bypassed or broken into by intruders.
  10. Authorities Cannot Respond In Time Anyway Police and other emergency responders can respond to an alarm signal in a matter of minutes.

About GuardMe Security

Not protecting your home with a security alarm can put you at risk for theft, damage from fire, etc. Do not give into the myths regarding home security. It is the most affordable and reliable solution for protecting your home and business.

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