Alarm Panels: How Often Should the Password Be Changed?

These days, we need passwords or PIN numbers for everything from websites and bank accounts to home security codes. It can get difficult trying to remember so many different passwords, so many people are reluctant to change them very often, if at all.Some people change them frequently but struggle to keep track of all the changes. Keeping up with the password game can indeed be annoying, but it is something we all need to consider. In order to keep your security code safe, you must change it periodically. The question is, how often, and can you change it too frequently?

Stagnant Passwords Leads to Big Problems

A recent study commissioned by TeleSign showed that consumers are falling victim to poor password practices.

  • The most common and problematic security mistake is using one password across multiple accounts. This can cause a “domino effect,” allowing all accounts with the same password to be breached. 73% of password-protected accounts use duplicated passwords
  • Password fatigue is a real problem. More than half of consumers (54 percent) use five or fewer passwords across all password protected accounts, while 22 percent use just three or fewer.
  • Almost half (47 percent) of consumers rely on a password that hasn’t been changed for at least five years.
  • 40% of those surveyed have experienced some sort of security password breach.

Avoid Password Fatigue

Changing a password too often can lead to problems, too. Remembering one set of codes is hard enough, but memorizing new ones for multiple accounts can seem near impossible.Studies show that when consumers change passwords too frequently, it leads them to use oversimplified codes, PINS, and passwords or simple variations of the ones that they have already used. This makes it simple for criminals and hackers to gain access.

Change That Password

As tempting as it might be to keep the password you know so well, you really need to change it occasionally. If you do not, you might compromise your security. It is easy to forget who may have casual access to it, or know if anyone may have gotten it through other means.

We recommend changing your passcode around every six months at most and once a year at the very least. Here are a few tips for safer, more effective codes.

  • Do not choose dictionary words, proper nouns, or foreign words
  • Do not choose dictionary words spelled backward
  • Use both upper and lower case letters, numerals and other characters when possible
  • Use different passwords for different accounts
  • Do not choose passwords that vary only slightly from the previous password
  • The best passwords are easy to remember but difficult to guess

Remember, your password is the gateway to your security so remember to change it regularly. If you have any questions about your home security passcode, please give us a call. We value your security.

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Craig Metzger
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