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Kitchen Tips to Make Your Thanksgiving is Memorable for the Right Reasons

Thanksgiving Kitchen Safety Tips

When most people think of Thanksgiving, they picture grandma’s infamous stuffing and your mom’s incredible turkey and gravy. It’s for happy memories and not tragedy and loss. The United States Fire Administration reported that 77 percent of all residential fires on Thanksgiving day originated from the cooking fires. Also, the number of residential fires on Thanksgiving is more than double the fires on any other day. Here are some tips to keep your family and your house safe.

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3 Tips For Protecting Your Kids From Bullies

With the increased focus on bullying throughout schools and families over the past decade, we thought it would be a good idea to join the organizations and businesses that are promoting National Bullying Prevention Month.

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Hot Home Security Topic: Reducing False Alarms

A lot has changed with fire alarm systems over the years, with systems getting increasingly sensitive, yet increasingly accurate. Fire alarm systems of the past suffered from “false alarm syndrome”  with systems being accidentally or unduly set off due to various circumstances. These occurrences led to “occupant conditioning” and residents began to ignore alarms. This…

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Essential Fire Safety for Seniors Living at Home

According to the National Fire Protection Association, people over the age of 65 are twice as likely to be killed or injured in a fire. Fire safety guidelines for older adults also focus on falls and how to prevent a fall that could stop a senior from getting out of their home safely during a fire.

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Gear Up for School. Our Best Internet Safety Rules

For some, the school year has already begun and for others that first day is soon to come. The internet is immensely useful, but it is also dangerous. While your kids are online, hackers are working to steal personal information. There are also those looking to victimize children lurking in game rooms and all over social media. And every day children experience online bullying.

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Have You Reviewed Your Home Safety Checklist?

Each year, many Americans are displaced due to fire, injured because of unsafe environments and hundreds are at risk. By implementing the right safety protocols in your home, you can protect yourself, your loved ones and even your visitors.

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3 Vintage Home Security Devices that No Longer Work

In today’s sophisticated security climate, criminals have become more sophisticated too. That means that many things we once considered tried-and-true security devices are no longer useful; in fact, they are downright not smart anymore. Our home security company believes it’s high time to retire these three “old school” security practices: Keys Under the Mat Even…

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Fire Safety is Important During the Holidays

From candles being lit to baking your Christmas ham, the holidays involve the risk of fire in your home. Keep your home safe by taking the time to prepare and implement a few additional safety tips this holiday season:

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Smart and Simple Steps to Prepare for Winter

Winter is beautiful but comes with a set of risks. Wind chill can cause frostbite; freezing rain can cause road hazards; and Nor’easters can cause more damage than hurricanes. Now is the best time to prepare for those potential hazards.

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