Good News for NJ Residents

The recent crime rates and statistics for the state have been released by the New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, and there is good news. According to this crime trend report, forcible entry, unlawful entry and attempted forcible entry rates in New Jersey have seen a dramatic decrease for 2015, 46 percent less than in 2014! This is excellent news for New Jersey residents and the more proactive local communities are, the lower these rates can go for 2016 and beyond.

How to Lower Crime Rates Even Further in Your NJ Neighborhood

Improving your home’s safety is the best way to drive these crime rates further downward for the state. Making your home unattractive to intruders can help reduce the frequency and intensity of burglaries and break-ins in your neighborhood.

  • Change the Locks – Inferior quality locks are easy to pick, even for an inexperienced burglar. Also, if you have just moved into a new home, change the locks so that you can ensure you are the only person with a key.
  • Install a Home Security System – If you do not have one, installing a home security system can protect your home and deter burglaries in your neighborhood. Seeing that a home is protected often prevents an intruder from even attempting to burglarize the property and the sound of an alarm will send the burglar running.
  • Conceal Wires – Burglars will look for wires around the house that allow them to disable your current security system. If you have phone lines or other wires, conceal them or discuss installing a wireless system with the professionals at GuardMe Security.
  • Make Your Home Look Occupied – Whether you are actually home or not, giving the appearance of an occupied home can deter burglars. Most crimes occur when homeowners are away, so having lights and noises coming from the house can deter criminals. If you are away often, consider speaking to GuardMe Security about installing a home automation system so you can schedule lights, TV, heating and air conditioning, etc. to turn on and off from your smartphone.

Keeping crime to a minimum in your neighborhood and the state does not have to be complicated if residents work together and are collectively vigilant in their communities. If all homeowners are proactive and do what they can to increase their home’s security, they can help deter these crimes so that the future brings even lower crime rates.


Craig Metzger
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