Why Guys Love Home Automation

The average guy works over 8 hours a day at work and with that work comes a lot of stress and anxiety. It’s a competitive and stressful world out there, and it takes no hostages. That’s why making the most of every minute of time off matters.
Everyone needs time and space to detox from the day at work. That’s why it feels so good to come home; a place completely separate from the stress of the world. And that is why guys should love home automation it has the power to make your home an ideal haven and a lot more fun. Let us prove our point with a few examples.

Sink in Your Chair and Just Enjoy

Sit down, kick off your shoes and let the stress melt away. Now, instead of trying to find the “right” remote for the television, cable, gaming, or stereo systems, you can turn on what you need from one place—like your phone or tablet. Next, make the room just right, lighting, temperature, sound… all of it. With a touch of the button, the stress starts to fade away.

Home Date Night

Not every date has to be a night on the town. How about ordering dinner in and cue up your home theater system, and dim the lights for some great alone time.

Game Night

Another reason guys should love home automation is that it makes having friends over to enjoy the game even more enjoyable. No more doorbell game interruptions; you can just see who is there through the video doorbell and decide if it needs your attention. The channel is set, lighting is perfect, and the sound makes you feel as if you are there in person. He only drawback is that nobody will want to leave.

If You Must Work from Home, Make it Worthwhile

Just like home automation can provide an exciting environment for game day, it can also set the stage for ultimate productivity for those times when you do have to work from home. Better productivity means more time for other pursuits.

Improved Family Time

With the time we spend with family rare and precious, it is important to make the most of it. With home automation, you can monitor and manage the entire house without taking time away from playing ball with the kids or rocking the baby. Now, only the most important (as in life threatening) things can drag you away.
If you want to make your home an ideal retreat, Call GuardMe today. GuardMe has been providing innovative, interactive home security and automation technologies since 1997.

Craig Metzger
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