What Happens to My Home Security System During a Power Outage?

A power outage is a hassle for you and a golden opportunity for burglars. These outages give burglars a chance to take advantage of homes they would otherwise avoid when the power is on. Not all security systems are vulnerable to power outages and depending on the type you have, your home may remain secure regardless if the lights are out.

Does a Security System Work without Power?

If your home’s alarm system came with a battery backup, it will continue to protect your home. These backup systems can last as long as 24-hours without AC power. Once power is restored, the battery system recharges itself.

You should be able to monitor how much battery life your alarm system has from the control panel. Even though a system has a 24-hour battery life, it may last longer, but it is only guaranteed to provide you with 24-hour protection.

It is best to have an additional 24-hour battery on hand; that way if the outage lasts longer than a full day, you can still protect your home.

The Type of System Matters Too

Batteries are not enough to protect you during a power outage. The type of system you use and how it is monitored also matters.

  • Landline Monitoring – These continue to operate and communicate during power outages.
  • Cellular Monitoring – This is the very reliable and will still operate without power.
  • Broadband Monitoring – This is the most vulnerable because the Internet often goes out along with the power, leaving your system unable to communicate with your monitoring service.

Prepare for a Power Outage

Having an extra battery is important, but if your home has a generator, you can hardwire your security system to that as well. Also, make sure your house has plenty of flashlights. Sometimes, just illuminating the home during a power outage to let burglars know it is occupied will prevent them from taking advantage.

GuardMe Security offers reliable home security systems that can continue to monitor even if the power is out. If you are worried about your system during a power outage, our team can customize your system to give you maximum protection without AC power.

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Craig Metzger
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