Shady Neighbor? See Something…Say Something.

It seems like many people are apprehensive about contacting the authorities when they suspect something illegal is going on in their neighborhoods. This is unfortunate, because people who fail to report illegal activity may actually be putting themselves at risk. Here are some possible consequences of “minding your own business” too much, specifically when you believe your neighbor is committing an ongoing crime.

Protect Your Family From Mistaken Identity

One of the most common scenarios that happen to neighbors of criminals is becoming a mistaken target. For example, if a neighbor is selling illegal drugs or running a prostitution operation out of the home, unsavory characters are bound to come around – and sometimes, those people may knock on the wrong door. So if you are in that situation, and a prospective customer of your neighbor – or worse, someone who has a grudge against them – has never been to their house before, they could mistakenly go to your home instead. Naturally, this could put your family at great risk.

Better To Be Proactive, Now.

Even if they don’t act the first time you meet them, now they have seen you, your home and maybe your children. They may have a fear that you wrote down their license plate and reported them instead of your neighbor, and that fear may cause them to seek retaliation. There are many different possible scenarios. It’s much better to tackle the problem at the root, and that problem is your neighbor who is conducting illegal activity.

Involve The Authorities

You can report him or her anonymously by calling your local police department or Crimestoppers hotline. Later, your neighbor may mention something to you about a visit from the police and ask you if you called them. If that happens, it’s okay to tell them you didn’t. Remember, the bottom line here is ensuring your family’s safety.

Many of us were raised to mind our own business, and that’s good advice in most situations. But when it comes to your family’s security, there are situations where exceptions to the rule can apply. Sometimes, minding your own business comes at a price.

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