Home Automation: 007 Has Nothing on You

You have every gadget known to man. You are the first to integrate new technologies, the first to see their potential, and the first to leverage them in fantastic new ways. You’re smart, fast, and awesome and expect your technology to be the same. So what if Bond has the Aston Martin and detonating devices, you’ve got Bluetooth and wireless everything.
So how do you up your game? The practical real-world application of home security and home automation technologies used to save the world. Your world, anyway. After all, what does James Bond do in every movie?

You are An Intruder’s Worst Nightmare

Come on. You know you want to be. Ideally, you’d like your house boobytrapped with a huge net to swoop up anyone who dares to cause a problem (for the effect of course), but seeing an intruder hauled away in the back of a squad car isn’t so bad either. And it is all thanks to your arsenal of real-world, practical, electronic home protection solutions.

Mission: Save Your World

You may not hear the 007 music in the background but when it comes to amazing protection technologies, truth is far better than fiction. When you roll out in your Prius, you know……. Everything is under control with a cool set of home automation and home security tools in place.
Undeniably, the cool factor is totally there with bright, color touchscreen control panels that connect you to just about everything. But it is about far more than coolness. It is about protection and control, and you have that dialed in, too.

Features Evil-Doers Hate

Choose your villain, whether it is Goldfinger, Colonel Von Hammerstein, or Blofeld it doesn’t matter. You have the weapons they fear most. Motion sensors, door and window contacts, and glass break sensors, all work together to form an impenetrable wall of protection.

But Bond would not stop there, and neither do you.

Indoor and outdoor surveillance provide a live stream of intelligence about what is going on in and around your home. It is information you can access from anywhere with your mobile device, naturally. Seriously—anywhere in the world.

You can also keep your nemesis on his or her toes by being two places at once, or at least seeming like it. Think about it, the tides of war have been dramatically changed with great fake-outs, and with home automation you have that same power. With the power to answer the door remotely through the doorbell, have lights and entertainment go on or off with a touch on your mobile device and it is impossible to be certain whether the house is occupied or not. Even the most determined villain will not mess with that.

World (and family) saved.

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Craig Metzger
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