How Home Automation Lets You Fool Everyone into Thinking You Are a Techie

We all know the pressure to keep up with the latest technology. Trying to understand the uses and nuances of every new gadget is a full-time job in itself! And, if we are honest, some of us just don’t want to keep up with knowing everything about the latest technology. We just want it to work. Ok, and maybe we want to look like we know what we are talking about in the process.

Home Automation for the Technically Challenged

If there is anything that can make you look like the ultimate techie without requiring you to get a degree, it’s home automation. Even the most technically challenged can master home automation in a day, and look like they have this whole technology thing dialed in. Don’t believe us? Here’s why and how.

Home Automation Simplifies Everything

Even if you bailed back when setting a VCR was the most technically challenging task, don’t worry. You can jump right in without a single problem. This is because home automation has the power to simplify all of the systems in your home. Rather than having to know many things, you can know one and do it all.

Home Automation Eliminates Technology Confusion

Thirty different remote controls, a ton of hundred-page manuals, and a maze of wires and cords are all gone. G.O.N.E. gone. Home automation is one platform that provides unlimited control of numerous other enabled systems and devices and eliminates the confusion.

It Gives You the Power to Fuse Unrelated Systems

Instead of having a lot of ways to manage a lot of things, home automation provides one way to manage everything. It gives you the ability to manage previously unrelated systems such as heating, lighting, entertainment, and security into one platform which you can control with just a few taps. How’s that for techie?

You Can Remotely Access Your Systems

No matter how many people rib you about what you do not know about technology, you can combat it with your home automation super power. It’s the power of not having to know it all, or do it all—all you need to do is tap into your system from wherever you are to do what you need to do. Whether it is adjusting the temperature or lighting, disabling or enabling the alarm, or locking doors all you need is your phone or tablet and you have the power to control them from anywhere, anytime.

No matter your level of technical knowledge you can master a home automation system in minutes and customize your life to meet your needs. Techie or not, you’ll feel as if the world is at your fingertips because it pretty much is! If you have any questions about how to up your technology game, call GuardMe today.

Craig Metzger
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