Home Automation For the Holidays

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One of the pitfalls of the holiday season is how all of the preparations detract from the actual enjoyment of family and friends. It is very easy to become so busy with all of the small details that the stress of managing them takes the joy right out of the season.

If only making memories was just a bit easier, right? Actually, it can be.

With home automation, you really can be home for the holidays and enjoy every moment of it. Smart technologies are more than just a convenience, they are a way to help manage a multitude of time-sucking, stress inducing details that can take the fun right out of the festivities. Here are some great ways that home automation can keep the season merry.

Light Up Your World

We all know how long it takes to string up holiday lighting everywhere. The problem is that even with all that effort invested, it’s easy to forget to actually turn them on! With home automation technologies, you can schedule your light show and schedule lights out once for the entire season.

Look Like You’re At Home Even If You Aren’t

During the holiday season, your home is more vulnerable than ever to burglary. Rather than stressing over that fact and trying not to be away from home, free up your schedule while always looking as if you never left. With home automation, you can schedule tasks such as having lights and entertainment go off and on in different parts of the house to simulate your presence.

Protect Holiday Deliveries

You’ve probably seen stories on the news about package theft. With more and more people doing online shopping for the holidays, package theft has become a common occurrence. You can avoid the problem and the stress of managing deliveries with the help of home automation technologies. Just use your doorbell camera to trigger an alert to let you know that a package has arrived, then speak to the mail carrier directly and tell them where to place the package. You can even open your garage door remotely and ask the carrier to place the package just inside the door, then close it to keep your valuables safe.

Foil Package Peeking

If you have kids eager to sneak a peek at their gifts, you’ll definitely want to keep them well protected from prying eyes. With motion sensors and home security cameras, problem solved.

Create Holiday Ambiance

Set the scene for holiday merriment by creating the perfect ambiance. Set up a stellar holiday playlist that will add just the right touch to your festivities and make sure guests are perfectly comfortable by setting lighting and temperature controls with a touch of a button.

About GuardMe Security

With some of the pressures off your busy holiday schedule, you have time to sit back and enjoy that peppermint latte. Of course, if home automation is still on your to-do list, maybe it’s time to cross it off and give yourself and your family the gift of both security and convenience this holiday season. If you have any questions about the latest in high quality security and home automation, please give us a call.

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