Preventing Package Theft with Affordable Smart Cameras

prevent package theft wth smart camera in NJ

It’s a problem that takes place in a matter of seconds but leaves you angry for days. We’re talking about being a victim of package theft – a property crime that happens year-round, but unfortunately reaches its peak during the holiday season.

Front porch package theft affects millions of homeowners annually, and even those who haven’t experienced it are often worried about it this time of year. But before you take time off work to make sure your Cyber Monday packages arrive safely this week, take note of some ways your security system can help you prevent package theft – that is, if you have chosen to take advantage of smart home upgrades.

Giving You Video Awareness

If you have made the wise decision to connect cameras to your security system, you’ll receive a video alert when someone is at your door: whether it’s the delivery driver bringing your package, or a thief attempting to take it away. It’s reasons like this that video alerts are one of the most effective components of smart home security systems.

Giving You Two-Way Communication

And if you have a video doorbell installed, you’ll be able to talk to the person through the speaker. Using your smart locks (you did opt to have smart locks installed, right?), you can unlock the front door from your phone and ask the delivery person to leave the package inside. If it’s the thief, you’ll be able to let them know that you see them and are calling the police. Either way, your package can be protected!

Giving You Evidence of a Crime

If the worst case scenario happens and package thief is successful, you still have some recourse. Because your video alerts are downloadable, they’re easy to email to law enforcement when you file a police report, or post on social media to warn your friends in the area. Don’t want to tell others what happened? Think about it this way: If your neighbor was a victim of package theft, wouldn’t you want him to warn you?

These are some of the ways your security system can help you prevent front porch package theft from happening to you. For more help with home security, New Jersey homeowners can call GuardMe Security.

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