How a home security system deters burglars

What makes your home a target for residential burglary? It may not be the things you’re thinking of. For example, many people believe that if their home is a modest, one-story residence on an “average street,” they are less vulnerable to home invasion than those who live in an upscale neighborhood. But the idea that criminals only target “rich” neighborhoods is a myth.

In fact, experts say that middle class neighborhoods are prime targets for thieves, since those homeowners are more likely to leave windows open, doors unlocked and keys under doormats. Middle class homes are also more likely to have foreclosed homes sitting empty next door (in other words, they don’t always have neighbors watching out for each other). More importantly, they are less likely to be protected by a home security system. Remember, burglars like easy targets. Contrary to what we see in movies, they aren’t typically looking for a challenge. They want to get in, steal something valuable and get out; your “average” home provides the perfect opportunity for that if it is not armed with a security system.

What would burglars take from you?

Most likely, Of course, cash and jewelry will be the first things they look for. After that, equipment and electronics are the next best thing to them. Gaming systems are popular items among burglars, as are laptop computers, smartphones and other high tech devices. And perhaps surprisingly, bicycle theft is on the rise. All across the country, thieves are taking off with bikes in the blink of an eye, both in public and at private residences.

A home security system from GuardMe is the answer.

Fortunately, all of these risks can be reduced just by owning a security system. When potential criminals see a surveillance camera, keyless entry pad or other “hint” that a security system is protecting the home, they often flee without ever attempting to break in, or look elsewhere for an easier target. And if they do force entry, the alarm is nearly guaranteed to scare them away. For more information on a home security system, contact GuardMe Security today.




Craig Metzger
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