Is Home Automation The Wave Of The Future?

If you are like most people, you think of home automation as a super cool tool to add some serious convenience in your life. You’d be right, of course, in that it is one of the most incredible tools around to add an incredible amount of convenience to your life. But, in the not too distant future smart home automation may become an essential part of your life.

Big Changes are Hard to Ignore

It’s hard to miss just how much computer and internet technologies have shaped the world just over the last 25 years. In 1995, the internet was considered a luxury and less than 10% of Americans had internet in their home. Today, nearly every household not just has, but depends on the internet for many aspects of their lives. The internet has become much more than a luxury r convenience.

Home Automation in The Midst of Change

Home automation has always added convenience to the lives of users, but as our lives transition to an information economy, its role has changed. Today, we use it for far more than adding convenience. It has become a vehicle to achieving life as we see it.

Why Home Automation is Much More Than Convenience

Times have changed, ideals have changed, and so too the way we do life. Smart home automation is, not surprisingly, right at the forefront of making change possible. Here are just a few examples.

Resource Management— Today, people are much more conscious about conserving natural resources and environmental impact. Home automation closes the gap by helping users reduce their usage of things such as gas and electricity significantly.

Time Management— We have become increasingly conscious of how we manage our time. Home automation allows us to do more, do it more effectively, and get it done while on the go.

Improved Caregiving— As people live longer and healthier lives family care dynamics change. It is common for a family to have small children under their care as well as their parent or grandparents. Home automation makes that much more possible than ever. By utilizing the tools home automation provides, caregivers can provide better care even if the individuals do not live in the home. For example, caregivers can know whether a loved one leaves the home unexpectedly, or is late getting up for the day. It provides a way to check in on children to make sure they made it home from school and are doing homework, and not watching television or playing electronic games.

Creating a Hospitable Environment— As a society we have become much more aware of how our environment impacts things like mood and productivity. With tools that learn and respond to our needs, we achieve more and do it more efficiently. Controlling the environment is also important when there are residents with sensory issues, providing a way to eliminate the problems of glaring lights or too much noise.

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