Open Sesame! Why Smart Locks are Pure MAGIC

Smart locks have become some of the most popular home technology products in the country. In fact, NextMarket Research predicts that the smart lock market alone will grow to a worldwide value of $3.5 billion by 2019. But what makes these smart devices so popular?
That’s an easy question to answer. The smart lock is a device that enhances security and convenience with a secure keyless access, and the advantages make them pure magic. Here are just a few of our favorite.

Smart Locks Work with Smartphones

Burglars enter through an unlocked door more than any other way of gaining access to a home. The single most important act in securing your home is locking your door, yet it is the most forgotten security act. For many people, one of the best features of a smart lock is the ability to use their smartphone to access an app and lock the door remotely, so forgetting is a thing of the past.

You can Authorize Access

Not only does the ability to use unique access codes eliminate the need for having excess physical keys floating around, it allows you to authorize access to those that need it for any length of time. While a service provider might need access for a day, a pet sitter might need access for a week. When you no longer need to provide access, the code is quickly and easily disabled.

Smart Locks Provide Insight and Peace of Mind

Having smart locks provides a greater awareness to the user, which is a huge advantage. Smart access control allows you to create alerts that tell you when the door is opened using a code, and which code was used. This feature means you can rest easy knowing the kids got home, or know that a service professional arrived as expected.

Smart Locks are SMART

Smart locks can do more than open doors. They can also trigger other smart home devices to act, saving you time and money and enhancing your security. When you lock up in the morning a smart lock can trigger actions like the security system to arm, the thermostat to be set back, or the garage door to close. It can detect your presence, too, and can prepare for your arrival by turning on lights and adjusting temperature.

Smart locks bridge the gap between convenience and customization that empowers life. To find out more about smart lock technologies, call GuardMe Security today.

Craig Metzger
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