Just How Smart Can a Front Door Be?

We all love smart technologies, especially when they are applied to home security and automation. But have you ever wondered just how “smart” you can make something as simple as your front door? If not, you should stop and give it some thought because it is actually pretty incredible.

Security Superpower

Modern security technologies give you control and visibility over your home and when applied to the home’s main access point, the front door, it’s like having all of the tools of a superhero at your disposal to combat crime, or just help you decide whether or not you want to answer the door! Here are the cool tools that make your door smart:

Video Doorbell Provide Intel

A video doorbell is the eyes and ears of your front door security. As soon as someone comes to the door, you can see who is there immediately, and can either address them through the two-way communication via the doorbell speaker and your smartphone, decide to open the door, or open the door remotely to let them in. Since you can answer the door remotely, you never have to disclose that you aren’t home.

Since the doorbell is also a camera, you can also record and review video so you can identify suspicious activity.

Smart Locks, Rock

Forget under the mat, in the flowerpot, or in a fake rock. Having hidden keys or extra keys floating around is a huge risk. Smart locks make your front door as strong as the Man of Steel, and can provide a lot more information and convenience in the process. A keypad eliminates the need for physical keys and the use of unique codes can generate automatic smartphone alerts so you can keep track of important arrivals, like when the kids get home from school.

Smart Lighting Eliminates After-Dark Problems

Smart lighting at your door can illuminate the front porch automatically when triggered by things like motion, ringing the doorbell or the garage door opening. This ensure that you always walk up to a well-lit area, the safety of your visitors, and deters crime all in one.

Smart Security App

No matter if you are at home enjoying your favorite television show, at work, or across the world on vacation, you can control your front door from the palm of your hand—from providing access to confirming package deliveries. Now your door is more than just a point of entry—it’s a point of information, a disruption preventer and a whole lot more.

With smart technologies, the possibilities are endless. At GuardMe, we take those technologies and integrate them into interactive security systems that protect today’s busy families. If you have questions about this or other home security solutions, please give GuardMe Security a call.

Craig Metzger
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