What Is Adaptive Learning In Home Automation?

As humans, we crave being understood. Being understood means that we’ve been heard and, generally, there is some positive response to our needs. Ultimately, having that positive response (if even in a small way) refreshes us for the tasks ahead. Maybe that’s why the home automation industry has exploded over the last decade—it makes our most sacred spaces responsive to who we are and how we live through adaptive learning.

Turn on the Magic

Have you ever thought about how truly amazing it is that your home automation system can have your lights on and favorite music playing when you get home, or sense when you get up in the morning and turn on appliances and adjust the temperature accordingly? It has been the dream of the ideal home since the 1940s, and the promise of the truly automated home really has revolutionized our lives.

Today, in addition to the ability to be programmed, home automation systems can “learn” your habits and program themselves accordingly.

So, What is Adaptive Learning?

Most people are familiar with home automation and home security technology and have a general understanding of how it works. But one of the lesser-understood aspects of home automation is adaptive learning. Adaptive learning is the difference between a system being programmed to perform tasks and a system that programs itself to perform tasks in response to your pattern of usage.
Home automation uses a series of connected devices and sensors and connects them so the user can control them from one platform and so that the system can glean information from all of the connected devices and sensors to learn your activity patterns.
Typically, connected points include such things as:

  • Door sensors
  • Window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Thermostats
  • Lights
  • Security alarm systems
  • Appliances and entertainment systems

Technology That “Gets You”

More information is always better and that is why adaptive learning is such an advantage. Because the system uses information from all of the sources to understand what you use, when, and for how long it truly “gets” you and your lifestyle. Having a connected home is having more than automated lighting and temperature control. It means the system is optimized to meet your unique needs and make you truly at home.

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Craig Metzger
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